Choosing the right shoe for your outfit

Sometimes we complain that we don’t have anything to wear while we also end up nagging about how difficult it is to choose which one to wear, either way girls are always at a struggle when it comes to picking the perfect outfit. We know that not having something nice to wear can be a big problem but in my view sometimes having far more things than you should can be a bigger problem as you will spend more time thinking which one is better whereas when you have limited pieces to deal with, you will somehow go ahead with something you have.


When you are choosing your outfit, the shoes actually play a big role in it. You can switch to a completely different person from one shoe to another. I have always seen myself wearing a short tight dress with a pair of clogs could give out a much cuter girly vibe to the whole look while the same tight dress can change into such a sexy dress when paired up with high pointed heels. Even when you wear a casual pair of jeans with a shirt with flat could look very simply while the same clothes with a really classy heel could totally change the game. This is why you should always pick the right shoe for your outfit as it can do wonders on your outlook. Here are few types of shoes and tips to pairing it up with the look you are going for.




This is the ultimate version of sexy and classy in my opinion. You can never go wrong with a stiletto in your closet for they could be easily matched up with different outfits and still look amazingly hot. You could do it up with a dress, a skirt and a top or even a casual outfit and still look quite dressed up and classy. If you have a ripped jean with black leather top, you can always throw in some great looking stilettos’ and look quite classy.


Flip flops


These are the most comfortable form of shoes that you can go to do your grocery shopping, beach, spa or anywhere you need with a bit more walking involved. These will keep you ever so comfortable throughout the day with no complains.




These were actually in trend so many years ago and then got back into style from 2016. People are now pairing up the classic sneakers with casual dresses and jeans to give very simple chic vibes from these outlooks. It will always be comfortable to go for when you need a more off-the-cuff feeling.


These are some of the tips that you can think of the next time you start choosing a shoe for you. It all depends on whether you are going out for a sexy, comfy or a cute outlook.