How to be an angel in the fashion world

The time I ask who wants to be an angel, I know you must be thinking that I’m trying to focus on the spiritual side of being a good person but I’m actually referring to how to be a Victoria’s secret angel. We all know how pretty they look on the runway looking absolutely flawless in their skin, their shape and that gorgeous smile down the ramp. Some people even think that it’s not that hard to be in the fashion industry and more gravity of effort runs to professions like medicine and engineering but for whatever the job you are occupied in, if you are to give out your best, you have to put out the most you have to get it.


It’s not as easy to look like an angel as they spend 75% of their time training at the most reputed fitness centres under the most well-recognized trainers and dieticians on how to keep their bodies fit through the exercising and food schedules. These trainers will continuously make sure that these models will eat according to the right schedule, get their routine exercise to look runway ready. Each of these training sessions they take are quite expensive and in order to be a Victoria secret angel, you definitely have to have the money to splurge around as well. A gym membership for a regular person and for an angel can create such a huge difference in these values; therefore, here are some free tips to become an angel that were revealed by the ModelFit co-owner, Vanessa Packer.


Green Juice


It’s a must to have the right amount of vitamins in to your body to be able to grow healthy and strong and a single salad plate or bowl cannot simply get you the amount of vitamins you should be getting in a day. You definitely will have to find a way to juice up these different greens and drink right after an exercise session which can give the nutrition you want and also stimulate the brain and blood circulation. Just as you finish exercising is when you must eat the most nutritious food so that it absorbs all the good things faster and better.




You cannot simply expect your body to tone down naturally with no effort of an exercise. Food can only provide you the necessary nutrition but it cannot help you gain the muscles and shaping you need in your body.


These are some of the tips that Vanessa packer had revealed on to the media on how to be fit and gorgeous like a Victoria secret angel.