New Tech in fashion

Fashion at one point could be totally different to the kind of fashion at another point, as it keeps changing from time to time with the upcoming trends and so do most of the other things as well. These different social, cultural, political and technological changes happening all over around the world makes people to come up with new business ideas and created opportunities that they can make use of. We know that most fashion companies today that operate in the large scale with much more recognition in the industry as reputed are now teaming up with most well-established tech companies to be able to provide people with a better experience in these fashion trends.


We are in an era where we love to get things done efficiently according to our needs, sometimes it’s often look at as being quite impatient to deal with but then again, it’s the way that world has changed with more competition and opportunities flowing around, people find it difficult to just wait for another. They just are always on the go and businesses can’t simply produce a good product, sell it off and sit back because that will have to be enhanced and new changes must be continuously incorporated in order to make that set of customers stay delighted. People waited for a smart TV that has the capability to connect to various other sources and watch videos on demand when they had to further improve it to fit into their newer needs of been able to access other communication sources while watching the television. Here are some of the latest innovations that popular tech companies are coming up with the interaction of clothing companies.


Phone charging pants


This was first introduced by the designer Adrian Sauvage along with the Microsoft to be able to charge the phones while it’s in your pants. We know that we have power banks, other different cables to charge our phones on the go but these pants require nothing but a wireless Nokia plate stacked on to the pockets of the pants to be able to charge the phone.


Conductive fibre


These are the fibre layers that are attached to the woven or cloth material in the clothes that enable the user to send messages or make the phone on to the silent mode with mere swiping it on. When people are in meetings, sometimes they will either to have to completely keep the phones aside and focus but these techniques can improve the connectivity of people.


These are some of the main technology affiliated fashion trends that you could expect to be in the market soon to come.