Ways technologies transform fashion industry

We know that technology has transformed businesses in various ways; could be the healthcare sector, manufacturing, food and beverage or even fashion industry. If you look at the medical sector or hospitals many years ago, people couldn’t identify what’s going on in their brain or body, what’s happening to their internal organs, whether they will be delivering a girl or boy and even it wasn’t practically possible to burn out any cyst or fleshy pocket inside their body without making a cut over the skin. All these different situations have become practically possible simply with the advancement in the technologies and the capacity for the technology to be incorporated with the healthcare systems to give out the maximum service to its clients or patients.


Now the technology has become a part of our day to day life that we cannot simply live a day apart the different applications of it. We keep our alarms on the phone, we brush our teeth on electric toothbrushes, we make coffee in the brewing machine, we use GPS to locate our directions and we work on various types of devices to perform our different tasks; basically we live in a world of technology. This read will showcase of much this technological trends have created an impact on the fashion industry as a whole and what new opportunities are arising out of it.


Does it fit to me?


When we shop online, the main struggle we see is not being able to try it on and see if that fits on to your body. The clothes if they come in a standard UK size 6,8,10 or whatever the size you belong to, it will much easier to order the exact kind of clothes you need but when it comes to buying shoes, the struggle is just too real that you don’t know whether you’ll be a 36 or 37 unless you really try it on. This situation is now slowly being addressed by the technology, virtual fit on rooms making it possible for people try on whatever outfit prior to purchase. They could simply change at their home and see which one fits and which one doesn’t.


How can I find something similar?


Another new trend is that people see beautiful outfit ideas on Pinterest and other different online sources but sometimes the problem is we don’t know from where we could buy these clothes. These might have been shared by people who are from different countries than yours but to find a similar design within your reach, now technology is developing enhanced applications to track these to give better customer experience.


These are some of the ways that technology is in the journey of transforming the fashion industry from the good to the better.