What future fashion holds for us?

We are constantly in a journey of working for our dreams, goals and different life plans and what if someone asks you what you see in what the future holds for you. Well, I think some of you will quite be confident in their answers and shoot straight up saying that they see themselves living their dream or working something else and so on while another person might be quite confused as to what to expect and if you really ask this from 10 of your friends at least 8 of those people will simply fall into the second group as they will not know what they might have to go through and expect in the future. This is not generally because they don’t have clear goals but it could be because they are quite uncertain of what might and what could happen.


In any case you think of, you will see that we are sometimes not very sure of what could happen but the only way we can decide on the time to come is through the analysis of the varying past records or history. You know that this is what most businesses do as well. They will think of whatever happened in the past and analyse the kind of customers, details of the client base that could fall into their market and then design products and marketing plans accordingly. The fashion industry in particular has become quite innovative with the new technological inventions and changing attitudes of people. Here are some of the trends that the future of fashion holds for us.


Responsive designs


Most established fashion companies are now focusing on designs that are environmentally responsive while people are wearing them. Most of these outfits have different lights, reflective pieces and tubes that will illuminate differently according to the changing weather conditions. If you are going through a dusty space that might not be good for your chest such tops will illuminate differently but they will be attached to the outfit in a more creative manner to avoid making you look like an avatar from the outer space.


LED glow lights


This is another new trend that we could expect to see a lot in the future. We already see people using different LED and warm glow lights to create outfits for night out functions but we only see these designs a lot in the people part of the entertainment industry. I feel that there will be more people who would grasp these different styles in time to come.


These are some of the significant trends that we can expect to roll around in the future from the fashion industry. We shall wait and see what more exciting things that future of fashion has for us.